Keep old image on project update


Right now when updating the project, I need to reupload the image thumbnail again.
Would be nice if it would remember what was used last time, to avoid mistakes and ease updating.


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Hi @andrzej.kniola,

Can you give me more details, like steps to reproduce your feedback so that I can clearly explain to the developers what to change based on your feedback.
Something like:

  1. Select Edit project
  2. …

Thank you,

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Same happens to me when trying to import reusable workflows into different projects. Once imported, the images that were there previously are gone… So have to manually add them back to make the workflow more clear…

Do you speak about when you try to import reusable workflows into UiPath Studio?


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Hi @RazvanC,

Thanks for your reply!!

Yes… What I faced is when importing reusable workflows to UiPath Studio, the images does not show up. Is there a way to get the workflow with the images as well?



Are you referring to this issue?


Hi @Florent_Salendres,

Yes… that’s exactly the one… Thanks a lot for sharing mate!!!



I thought that is related to the projects in UiConnect (as it has the UiConnect tag).


I also encountered similar issue but using going. screenshots were “sometime” disappearing.
That was mainly during navigation back and forth during this three steps.
This may be fixed already


Well, it was, topic got sidetracked :wink:

I can’t seem to replicate it directly right now without messing with project status, but what it was before:

  1. Submit a project with cover image (it’s mandatory).
  2. Wait for it to be approved (status -> published).
  3. Edit the project (changed status from Idea -> InProgress).
  4. Try to save, observe that it complains that there is no image.

Retying now, it seems that it’s not related to cover image at all -> when project status is InProgress, at least 1 media file seems to be required (doesn’t let saving without it). Seems a little unneccessary, IMHO, but there might be a good reason for it I guess.

Maybe, @AlinCopoiu, the wizard of GO! knows if this is fixed or not :slight_smile:

Maybe @catalinamatei the project’s tamer can give you an answer on why the media is necessary.

@Florent_Salendres Can you please tell me, roughly, when as the last time when you have experienced this issue? It should have been solved with Go! - Connect integration (end of Jan)



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Hi @AlinCopoiu,

It was in January I believe, maybe even earlier.
It looks fine now from what I checked.