Kareo-Hotkeys.xml Could not find file error

I try to automate a reporting work in KAREO software(desktop app) when i use the any shortcut it throws me an error. is it a problem with installation of studio? or should i need to enable anything on the software to make work like SAP app enabling.

Please see the error below:

kareo uipath error

Selvam A

So this error is coming from the application you are trying to automate and not UiPath right?

Yes Bcorrea,

I mean, i dont know how we can help you if the error is not from Studio, since we dont know that application.

Hello @cityselvam

As @bcorrea said Uipath don’t have any integration with Kareo, so there no function like SAP.

Are you able to identify the elements in the desktop APP? If so you can try with click functions

As some applications are build with C++, so we can’t identify the elements

For this you can try Image automation using Computer vision activities

Hope this helps


Thanks @bcorrea and @Srini84 for your support i found the problem.

If i start the KAREO App using start process activity the error occurs. When i tried in Win+R to start the Kareo the error does not occur though i use the Hot keys :blush:.

Selvam A

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