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What is the use case

Recently , I have observed for my team in L1 Support they receive a lots of emails every day( on an average 250-300). It is difficult for the person to go and check each and every email , in this process they might miss some high priority emails.

How do you see a solution for the use case?

To Resolve this we have created a working flow which Reads an email aloud when ever a high priority emails comes, this way they can concentrate on important things rather than each and every small thing.

In our process we have P1 ticket has the highest priority , so when ever a ticket with P1 come it’s read aloud by the BOT and notified to the Support Person who can assist on the same immediately.
(Customization can be done as per requirement)

Further more , for my personal use , while at work when ever an email comes I need to go to the mail and check, now I no Longer do the same I just listen to them and if I feel it important , I Just go and reply. I have customized the work flow in two ways

  1. You can listen to the entire email (Sender,Subject & Body)
  2. You can decide After Listening to the Sender or Subject as per your requirement.

I will soon upload a video with a sample demo!

Scope: ______________

  • Custom Activity
  • Reusable Component
  • Template


This is really interesting.

How do you resolve when 2 P1 emails come through at the same time? Does the robot work through the emails in sequence periodically or is it constantly reading? Do you schedule or have it running all the time?


Its reads one after the other, Currently It keeps on checking the Mail box every 30 seconds.


Honestly, this sounds fantastic! Do you quantify how many priority emails come through vs non-priority? Do you have an example workflow I could explore?


Yes of course you can have a no. difference between the high priority and low priority with a counter.
Out of idea , we can also plot a graph showing daily High priority mails coming through.
Example , i’m planning for a demo ASAP.


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Thank you!


It’s a great idea.


Another way is to create some folders under the INBOX . Eg you can create L1,L2,L3,L4,L5. And then based on some keywords in the email body, subject , from etc you can classify them as L1,L2,L3.
It is not advisable to play audio messages , as I don’t believe its fullproof. You can send sms( text messages) in case of high priority email.
But good idea , you get my vote.


And the demo is here!Listen2Emails.zip (307.4 KB)
Thank you !


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Awsome bro…


Hello @WhenCutEsh
Its really great and useful idea in daily life. I also voted for your great idea… :slight_smile:
Can you also let us know which activity you used to listen emails, because I did not find any default activity for this in UiPath?

Thank You,
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@NavneetPanpaliya Thanks for voting!

Its a custom code snippet build using available activities in the studio .



Hello @WhenCutEsh,

It would be very helpful if you can share a sample code or let me know exact activity names which you used to create program. I think you might also have used Text to Speech API for this.

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Good job,
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