Just installed UiPath but I can't Launch it?

Hi All,

I have just installed UIPath and I put my email in for the licence key ad it seems to work up to when I want to install the packages. I install them and the application crashs. I task manager it closed however there is no shortcut or start menu option to open the program back open again. The only way I can find is to reinstall it which wipes out the packages i hae just installed too.

Pleae can someone help me.

Please check
C:ÂĄProgram Files (x86)ÂĄUiPath

There you can find UiPathStudio.exe and you can launch UiPath Studio with the file.

If you want to create short cut link, right click on it and you’ll see option to create short cut.

Thanks, first thing I tried but there is nothing there.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it so many times now and nothing i can do to keep it installed and just launch it. I also dont seem to be able to access core packages.

If there’s nothing you could have failed to install UiPath.

Are there any error messages while installation?
Or, is that company PC you’re trying to install UiPath? If yes, there might be some restrictions on installing software so you should contact administrators.

Reinstalling UiPath overrides the AppData folder.Hence you need to install all the packages again.
Please followup this.
Please navigate to this folder with your version file %AppData\Local\UiPath\app-2016.2.6274.33252\UiPathStudio.exe and created a shortcut on desktop.

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I did a full factory restore on my laptop and installed this straightaway, well after windows 10 and chrome. and had the same issue.

I followed your guide and found the app launcher but it’s under

this seems to work

Yep, I too had issue in finding the installed UiPath in default directory something under C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath.

But found it under C:\Users\Gopi\AppData\Local\UiPath

image .

i couldn’t find UI Path studio.

when i opened uipath folder. I can see these folders.

Please help me.

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trying to solve this,can you please help me…

I have same issue. How did you solve this problem?