Just Cracked UiPath Associate RPA Developer Exam, Need help for Jobs and Projects to display on Resume

Hi All,

Need help finding UiPath RPA Jobs, as i have all the knowledge but dont have experience, Plus Preparing for UiARD as well, kindly help me guys


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I would recommend not to create multiple post on same topic
I have answered you in your previous post

Have a look at it

Cheers @Jai_Pande

Sorry i didn’t realised it! My bad brother

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Hi @Jai_Pande ,
You can flow


Thanks alot will check also are there jobs for UiPath associates or i have to do advance first

Well advance you can take it out over a period time

For now would recommend to look for associate rpa developer from same portal as I mentioned in here in your previous post

Hope this helps and clarified

If yes close this topic

Or if not we can keep this discussion open

All the best