Junk data in data scrapping

Hello Team,

I created my flow to extract the USD to INR exchange rates through different third parties and wrote it into a .CSV file. When I open the file, I could see some junk values are present in it. Is there any way we can filter these junk values? Please find the attached screen for your reference. !Thanks in advance junk%20data|449x320

Which type of scrapping you used ?
If google ocr is used make adjustment in scale!

Hi Akhil,

Thanks for looking into this. The data is represented in the form of table in the web, so the UIPath data scrapping automatically interpreted it as table. I don’t see any OCR mechanism is used here. I tried to add the Google OCR activity explicitly. But its input is in the form of image. Could you please let me know if we can input the data table output to OCR with any further modification? Thanks.