Junk characters coming out from nowhere during read pdf activity

I have a machine generated standard english language pdf. when I extract the data using Read PDF activity, it is extracting some junk values . not sure from where they are coming from .

Example like this:

eo er/P ok e atio
aXele of ire, > Rd.

Hey @theerthaks,

Usually this should not happen as you are not using any ocr activity, these text might exists in your pdf that’s why it’s coming as an output. Just have a look after which particular text your are getting these unnecessary value.


Hello @theerthaks

Is it happening to all the pdf’s? Can you try with a dummy one and check whether you are getting the junk characters?


Is not for all pdf. It’s just happened with one or two. Through eyes, I don’t see any junk character

can that be some unwanted spaces? Just try converting to word and check.