Jumping to a specific point in workflow

Hi all,
I wanted to ask if there is a activity which lets us jump to a specific point in the workflow from anywhere in middle of the workflow.
For example - I have designed a piece of workflow and I want the bot to jump directly to that part of the workflow if a particular condition is met. Is their any activity for the same?

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Surround your flow inside Try Catch block and Throw business exception if that condition is met then Bot will go to Catch block section and here you can write your piece of code to execute if that condition is met.

we would integrate such jump logic by checks if a particular part block is to execute or not. In some cases we can do it e.g. with the help of a switch activity.

For debugging purpose the right click run from this actvity option can help in some particular cases.

An activity representing a go to concept we dont have

Hi @nitish.bakshi ,

I think it would be better if you were to condense the required Activities into a workflow of its own(add the activities into a sequence, right click the new sequence and click Extract as Workflow), which you can then Invoke if it meets a given condition(If Activity), so in a way it simulates the jumping that you want to design.

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@nitish.bakshi If you want to execute the code based on some conditions, you can go for if or switch activities

Use the below link for get to know how to use switch

Hey @nitish.bakshi

A simple Flowchart with a Flow Decision/Switch will serve your need as you can decide the path of the flow by just connecting them.

If you need more details, Kindly explain your scenario.


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