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Hi All,

I am facing some problem on parsing JSON Array. Need your guide line.



JSONFile.txt (177 Bytes)


Hi @anand.t

Can you give string.join("",item)


Same error.

Hi @anand.t,

I cannot see what you have in your For Each but you might have missed the “(0)” before Employer. This is because data you want is within a json array and you only want to focus on the 0th element of that array. Within that 0th element, you have a key name Employer.

Short Solution using Message box:

JsonString("aboutyouremployment")("data")(0)("Employer")("1")("Name")  ---> Ramesh
JsonString("aboutyouremployment")("data")(0)("Employer")("2")("Name")  ---> Rajesh

Here are two alternatives to get to your solution:

First alternative using the length of Employer:

Second alternative- Property → Object using two for loops:

Here is the sample xaml file for you to refer :
JsonParsingSample.xaml (11.2 KB)
JSONFileSample.json (450 Bytes)

Hope this helps clear your doubts.

Great Catch. :+1:


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