JSON Web Tokens - Modifying Value then pushing it back to website

HI All

I want to grab a JSON Web Token (which I have been able to do) but then I want to modify a value inside the webtoken i.e. I want to update the field success from False to True. Does anybody know how I can do this?

Hi @Tedesco_355

Install UiPath.WebApi.Activities

Once installed, use HTTP request to call the API and use Deserialize JSON and you can use assign activity to edit

Check the thread for reference


Thanks. How do I then sent it back? I have modified the object but it doesn’t seem to send it back modified. I am not sure how to do that

Hi @Tedesco_355

Have a look on the video


Thanks, but how do I do this in UiPath? What properties in the HTTP request do I modify to send back? Sorry JSON is completely new to me so I am a bit confused how to implement this in UiPath

@Tedesco_355 , If I am not wrong you have to put POST using HTTP request activity

First, you get the data with HTTP request, in properties GET. Then you manipulate, and finally I think you have to use again http request in properties Request Method:POST

Yeah I have been trying this - but it doesn’t seem to post back the value I changed - I am not sure if there are particular properties that I need to change in the activity to actually make it changed in the client when it is posted back

@Tedesco_355, did you check in Postman if it is working the posting?

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