Json update from Excel data

As an alternate approach you can think about to setup the replacement on serialized JSON string. In case of you are interested we can chare this alternate Implementation as well

Yes please it would be of great help if you share it.

this is another approach / implementation. Do not mix up with the others
dtData Build datatable

the dtData will define the replacement value as serialized JSON string

on Tags we replaced first element A with string value Europe,Central and we kept as untouched the second element B

on Codes we replaced the Codes value with a new JArray containing the items FR, FRA

The replace / invoke method was changed to:

find starter help here:
JSONUpdate_FromExcel_ByPathMapConfig_G2.xaml (13.9 KB)

I have encountered a issue with this process… I get “Key with the same name is already added” for the below example of json file .
“id”: “1”,
“s1”: “t1”,
“s2”: “t2”,
“s3”: “t3”,
“fa1”: “1”,
“s4”: “1”,
“s5”: “1”,
“cc1”: {
“sk1”: “t4”,
“ac1”: “if”,
“pr1”: “t5”,
“gr1”: 1,
“cu1”: “re”,
“po1”: “t6”,
“cr1”: fa2,
“ad1”: {
“se1”: fa3,
“ch1”: [
“se2”: 1,
“en2”: t7
“sy1”: {
“al1”: “t8”,
“re1”: ,
“re2”: ,
“en3”: {
“mi4”: {
“a1”: 1,
“gr1”: 5
“ex1”: {
“le1”: [
“col2”: [
“SS1”: ,
“CI2”: ,
“ip3”: {
“wh1”: [
“bl2”: ,
“ra3”: {
“mi6”: 60,
“ra2”: 5
“ur3”: “http://abcdefgh.xyz:11111”,
“enr1”: [
The gr1 key is available twice in the json but we need to update both the keys as per the given values…

Could you please suggest on how to overcome that ?
I am using the same xaml sample as previously provided in this post …

Any update for the above query?