Json to data-table

But that way it won’t be dynamic as again here your suggestion to use the index, and that where the problem lies, I don’t know weather the json will have 5 items or 1 or non.

Can we try like get the count and then loop it and add to row and the print it in finalDT

actually dont have an idea regarding dynamic json object

but regarding count you can try jobj.Count.tostring

the templateProperties can be handled as others what we do in JSON and is similiar as additional nested loop to the starter help from above

Thank you for your inputs and suggestion, is there any way we can access and get value from the templateProperties tag from the 1st foreach loop only, without using the 2nd loop? like I am doing it, I have put that in screenshot

For the same topic (JSON to Datatable) I build a video Today:

full code here:


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Thank you @Cristian_Negulescu , it’s a huge help, also I had sent you a personal message too, can you please have a look.

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yo b - how did u do long vertical / scrolling screenshot?

you don’t need to take a screenshot just right click on the sequence and select save image.