Json parsing

Below is the json which i have. i want to create array of the items labelled as “0”, “1”,…“n”

{“001”: {“0”: {“startPosition”: “0”, “standardRepresentation”: null, “type”: “Service Request”, “confidence”: “0.833”, “endPosition”: “14”},
“1”: {“startPosition”: “19”, “standardRepresentation”: null, “type”: “Machine Name”, “confidence”: “0.833”, “endPosition”: “40”}

expected result

[ {“startPosition”: “0”, “standardRepresentation”: null, “type”: “Service Request”, “confidence”: “0.833”, “endPosition”: “14”},
{“startPosition”: “19”, “standardRepresentation”: null, “type”: “Machine Name”, “confidence”: “0.833”, “endPosition”: “40”}

Kindly let me if anyone has any idea I tried using Deserialize json array with value as
“[”+jsonObj(“001”).ToString + “]”

the result i got is array with one element along with key “0”, “1” these keys i want to avoid

“0”: {
“startPosition”: “0”,
“standardRepresentation”: null,
“type”: “Service Request”,
“confidence”: “0.383”,
“endPosition”: “10”
“1”: {
“startPosition”: “11”,
“standardRepresentation”: null,
“type”: “Machine Name”,
“confidence”: “0.728”,
“endPosition”: “32”

What you are using is a json object. To access each item labeled as “0”,“1”,…“n”,

  1. User for each activity to loop through the child elements of “001”
  2. To access key, use, item.Key inside for each
  3. To access value, use, item.Value inside for each

for json object we don’t have item method.it is in json array

when you put it in for each the item variable will be automatically created to access the loop element.