JSON Output max characters?!

hi, I get data from an interface via REST API as JSON format. I now have the following problem. If I execute the activity as shown in the screenshot, it runs perfectly until at some point, as shown below on the right, the error is displayed and my workflow is canceled. I once looked up what it outputs to my variable. Now I have noticed that only a maximum of 10003 characters are output. Am I doing something wrong or is there a limit?


Assign: deserializedJsonArray == Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(Of JArray)(jsonoutput(item).ToString)

hard to read the screenshot.

The assign exception is a missmatch from JObject vs JArray
have a check if an JArray or JObject was passed to the deserialize function

About outputs / logs also have a look here:

similar we do have a truncation on the values shown within the panels (e.g. locals/var value inspections).

But we can use the immediate panel and just go for a count or others helping for doing an inspection

My output console size is at 10000

I get my data to HTTPRESULT as STRING via REST API

HTTPRESULT (String) to JSONOUTPUT (JObject) → Deserialize JSON (Newton.Json.Linq.JObject)

Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(Of JArray)(jsonoutput(item).ToString) ASSIGN TO deserializedJsonArray (JArray)

please check what is passed to the deserializing when it is failling as mentioned above
jsonoutput(item) ifs failing item passeing a JArray?

My HTTPRESULT shortens my string from the start.

I found the same problem as with this user: Is there a limit on how many characters a string can hold

After 10,000 characters there is “…” at the end.

String length datatype missmatches are two seperate independend things. Please keep this in mind (excluded the case of broken JSON values)

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Ok now I have the solution. Got it. The debug mode limits the string to 10000 characters. Live mode gets all data from the REST API. I tested it with a text file. Thank you for your help

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