What will happen if the .JSON file got deleted?

@Kajal_Singhal If .json file is deleted and you open up your xaml file, then it will create a new .json File required for the xaml.

There may be Dependency issues in your xaml but you can Install Dependencies again.

This link may help you, @Kajal_Singhal

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Which JSON file are you referring to? One of the files within a UiPath Project generated by Studio such as the project.json at the root level, another json file within one of the sub-directories or a JSON file that you created independent of the UiPath project?

As SupermanPunch alludes to the project.json and other json configuration files will rebuild their base data, but if you are talking about other JSON files not generated by Studio then it will be like any other file and be deleted and most likely move into your recycling bin, what affect that has depends on what it is for…