Jpg to text ocr?

I have a receipt in Jpg , how can I convert Jpg to text to apply business rules further. I tried ocr using google, Microsoft and abby none worked with ocr read text control. Please help or suggest

When you say not worked means result are not as accurate as expected?
make use of scale option in the OCR property to get better result.
If still missing some text then you can use string manipulation(replace) to get better result(not recommended though )
AS we all know OCR won’t give you 100% accurate result. :smiley:

If you use any receipt you get from any retail brand.
For e.g. Clothing store, click a picture , do Ocr with any scale , do you get key details like amount , date, product name as you can see from your eyes.

When I tried this on a parking ticket nothing was in output which was readable , no date, price e.t.c.

Hope this helps.
If you get chance please try. Above example and share your results?