Joining tables with common column

I am trying to use the Join Datatable activity but it is not working like I think it should. I have used every combination of the Join types just to try to get this to work.

Goal: I want to combine two DataTables together to a new DataTable, but only on rows whose column “Invoice Number” match.

Right now the Join tables option just creates a new column “Invoice Number_1” and puts all the 2nd datatable information underneath the firsts.

Hello @RoboDan

Join data table activity requires to have the exact same value in the two columns which we are specifying to build the join. If there are any spaces in one and in the other it doesn’t still it will not join. So based on what you say here, what I understand is, it doesn’t have matching data to get the join right.

So make sure your data in those two data tables do not have any spaces in front or at the end of the value. You might need to trim those before the join in case there are any spaces.

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