Joining tables using wildcard search

I’m trying to join two sets of data. One of which has a wildcard in.

Is there anything further i need to do in order to match “Test *” to “Test Ltd”?

New Microsoft Excel Worksheet (3).xlsx (6.7 KB)
New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx (7.8 KB)
New Microsoft Excel Worksheet (2).xlsx (7.8 KB)
Test.xaml (6.8 KB)

Hi again @jon1302 :slight_smile:

I just finished responding to your other question, and again stumbled upon another one of yours lol :smiley: just kidding

I checked this one too…
You are using data table join here. But it is not going to work because in data table join activity, it looks for an exact match in values.
In one dt, your have Test Ltd and in the other you have Test *. So it is not an exact match. However, we can still do this using string manipulation. Split the string “Test " from the "” character and get what’s onto its left. and then check whether it contains in the other data table value. This is exactly I have done in my attached workflow…

Check it out…

Test.xaml (9.8 KB)

This will work for you!!

Thank you!

Would it be possible to modify the condition further so it could work with a number of values, e.g. currently looks for * at the end but could it look for “Ltd” or “Limited” and split that also?

HI @jon1302,

Yeah… that can be done. You can easily split between words too… Check for below worklow for a sample…

Contains & Split.xaml (6.7 KB)

You can apply this same logic the way you want to filter yours…

Let know how it goes for you!!

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