Joining 2 DataTables on key of different value Types

Say I have 2 DataTables, table1 and table2, I would like to left join on column “account number”

-table1 column “account number” is type System.String
-table2 column “account number” is type System.Double

What is the best way to do this?

I tried the following which gave empty strings for all table2 columns (ignore blue errors pls):

Do I really need to iterate over each row of table2 and set value ToString before joining?

U can use the index of the column of each table, for example

Index:    0 -  1
     Column1, Column2

In the Column Table 1 set the index of “Account Number” and the same for the column table 2 in “account number”

@inf_L Both tables are merged datatables from exported excels so I would rather stay flexible with column names than hard coding column numbers. That said maybe I’m not understanding because I don’t see how that would resolve a conflict of value Types.

I know this will work, but it seems inefficient:

@rankifyhc please check below xaml file

seq.xaml (14.7 KB)