Join PDF files with editable fields using "Join PDF Files" activity


I am trying to use “Join PDF Files” activity to merge several pdf files into one. The files contain editable fields with some data in the,m. A string array with file names to all pdf files to be merged has been provided as an input to the activity. The output file generated by the activity actually seems weird in the following way:

  1. I have 7 input files with locations for each stored in a string array.
  2. All files have pretty much the same format i.e. like forms to capture information of 7 different employees of a firm.
  3. Since pdf is a form, it has editable fields where people provide their information such as Name, IDNumber, Salary etc.
  4. Upon joining the files using the activity mentioned above, only first input file with it’s editable data gets into the output file correctly. For other files, all the editable data from the forms is wiped out and only blank forms are merged into the output file.

The number of input has been checked with the number of pages in output file and it looks correct.

I’m not sure if someone has witnessed this before. Please let me know for any potential solutions. Thanks!


Hi @vaib2033

This seems like a bug (or a possible oversight). Do you think it would be possible for you to share a sample project that reproduces the issue (with some dummy PDF data)?
I suppose the type of the field might matter.

It would also be awesome if you could share your Studio version and your PDF activity package version :slight_smile:

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Is this ever resolved? I am running into the same problem and couldn’t find a solution anywhere

Hi @loginerror - Was there a fix for this bug? I am running into the same exact issue as described above. I’m using studio 2019.10.4 and UiPath.PDF.Activities 3.2.2.


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The issue is still in our backlog, waiting to be fixed.

If you are an Enterprise customer, you can raise a ticket with our technical support to weight in on its priority:

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