Join PDF files with editable fields and data was lost

Hello dear forum,

I am trying to join a couple PDF files using the Join PDF files that have editable fields. There’s two forms in exact format but different content in all fields are going to be joined. I got them successfully joined, but all data in second file is lost, leaving the second page completely empty.
I found an old thread from last year with someone else also having this problem, but never a solution was posted. I thought about converting the PDF to scanned using some screen activities, but later i would need to scrape data from the file and I very much appreciate if I don’t have to use OCR.

My package version is 3.1.0 and UiPath studio v is 2019.10.3

If I could get some help here, that would be great.
Thank you

Ok…I did a little research, and it turns out was because the PDF needed to be flattened. Is there any activity that does this? If not, at this point, i am going to give up on trying to solve this with UiPath