Join PDF FIles: Illegal Characters In Path

Hello… Anyone can help me to resolve this error?
I want to join 2 PDF files to single PDF file use Join PDF Activity.



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Once try to print value mentioned in OutputFileName field using Write Line or Message Box activity before Join PDF File activity and check whether it’s proper path or not.

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That the result in Local Value

The result what i have tried with solution from you @lakshman :

And still got same error :sweat_smile:


Under FileList field, you have to specify the array of file names along with the full path. It seems like you just specified filename only.

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Still got same error bro…

@Brian_Henokh1 : Every stage of folder contains 2\ kindly change into one and try.

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@Brian_Henokh1 is it solved? if its solved please click on the solution