Join multiple PDF documents based on customer number

Hi all,

I want to join multiple PDF documents into one PDF based on the customer number.
In this example, I have 5 PDF documents, which needs to be merged into one per customer. So one for customer 500089 and one for 500090.

Does any one can help me out on creating an array of string (with filepaths) based on the customer number? Customer is equal to the first 6 digits in the file name.

Many thanks up front,

Hi Albert,

Please install UiPath.PDF.Activities and use Join PDF Files activity for your requirement.


Hi Arun,

I have installed that package, but then I struggle with creating of an array of strings for the files based on the customer number (mentioned in the files). Any idea on that?


Hi Albert ,

You can use below syntax {"<Drivename\foldername>\500089-5_20190924.pdf","<Drivename\foldername>\500089-b_20190924.pdf"}


Thanks for your reply. In the meantime I fixed it via another way, but I will try this one as well for sure.