Join multiple array together

I Have 3 arrays with different filters that i need to join together and write into an excel sheet, The first array needs to occupy first 2 columns, 2nd array for 3rd column and 3rd array for 4th column.

Using assign activity


will cause the 2nd array values to appear on column 1 under the 1st array’s values.
how do i join them so that they are at their respective columns?

Meant to say


instead of join

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Instead of filtering to Array , Can you take it as seperate data table or data column ?
Can you Provide some sample XAML if possible ?

Book1.xlsx (18.9 KB) tessst.xaml (18.9 KB)
Here you go, the xaml and the sample excel.
Basically i am trying to sum up column “Value” with the same cycle number but with different filters(combinations of “Condition A” & “Condition B”) and then put it in the “SumByCycle” sheet. If there is a better way to do it than what i am doing, i am all for it.

Note that i have not added the 3rd filter in yet

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