Join India Developers Conference 2019 - Live Stream


Yeah I hope to meet all the people that make this place so energetic and fun to be in, hope there will be a conference for forum contributors where we can all meet in the future.


Congratulations winners of power up hackathon India. The live is very excitement. Thank you for the live . Happy to see the main pillars . I saw @badita In the stream. I miss a lot . I will try year . We are always the polite community Daniel.

Thank you


this was the best day, so many happy faces.:slight_smile: just loved it:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


yeah it was great to see evryone live
Is it possible if we can get ppt or recording ?




I was there too, brother!
Ah, what a missed opportunity to meet ppl from the beloved forum!


Hey @nadim.warsi

Nice to meet you though it was short
Sorry i was running out of time but next time surely will meet you and spend some time :slight_smile:



@aksh1yadav I was trying to meet you but you was busy surely meet you next time


@nadim.warsi I saw your post evening surely i will meet you next time.


It was great meeting @Florent_Salendres @Dominic and @radutzp . Thank you UiPath Team for organising this event. :slight_smile:


I missed it this time :pensive: Hope to meet u all in next conference :blush::blush:


Congrats to all winners :grinning:


I was very happy :tada: yesterday to see our forum people

[ @Florent_Salendres @aksh1yadav @palindrome @PrankurJoshi @indra ]

and was quite unlucky to meet others who came to the Conference. Hoping to meet y’all soon.

Let’s plan beforehand next time so that we all gather at a spot - meet - greet :smiley:


It was an imense pleasure to meet some of you here in Bangalore, too shortly unfortunatly.
I am amazed by the amount of passionated developers I met here and the warm hospitality I could see from locals here!

Hope to see you soon again shortly for more UiPath stuff!



It was a pleasure indeed, nice meeting you guys @aksh1yadav @Dominic @ddpadil @ovi @badita @baisilgee @Florent_Salendres @nadim.warsi


Thankq UiPath!!! Really a wonderful conference and happy to see all forum people in conference.:clap::clap:


hey @Dominic @badita @indra @KarthikByggari @Athrix05 @Sonika1 next time we have to surely meet :blush:
@aksh1yadav never minđ bro, next time ill wait for you to get free😉


Hi friends,

Do you know or have the event recorded video.



Wanted to be a part of the event. However, due to some unavoidable reasons, couldn’t make it to the conference this time. Maybe I’ll get to meet most of you next time. :slight_smile:


@balupad14 Here is complete session Video