Join every 4 rows into one row into Excel file

Hello Guys,
I want to join every 4 rows into one row like this :

Row which has value Num =1 should have Propo A B C D … the same as the others

Any suggestions?
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Do you want to merge the rows in the Excel?

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@sarathi125 ,
yes , this is the output im looking for :



To build the logic I would like to know more about the data.

In the β€œNum” column if we have 1,2,3,4 then we should have β€œPropo” 4 sets only right?
Is there any condition to map 1 with ABCD and 2 with ABCD like that?

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The condition is simply in each time you find lettre β€˜A’ should be folowed by the 3 rows β€˜B’ β€˜C’ and β€˜D’ and inserted beside Num β€˜1’ and so on for the other Num column.