Join columns

In a Excel I have a table which contains 7 columns.
In that 2 column has same name and different value, So i need to combine both the column and concatinate their values.

I have two columns have same name Size
How to do this?

@agathiyanv ,
1st of all you wont be able read it as a data table with headders (since there is duplicate name in headder)
So you will have to read the excel without checking “Add Headders”

Hi @agathiyanv ,

Could you maybe try using the below Component :

It will auto-rename the columns in the Datatable, You should be able to do the Operations later using the renamed columns.

Let us know if you require a different approach.

Steps I followed:
1.First change the column names(eg size_1,size_2) and Read the excel file
2.Create a new column using Add data column activity(columnName=“Size”)
3.Using for each row activity I assigned the value to the new column
4.Now I remove the old columns using Filter Data Table activity.

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