Join Activity Returns Empty Columns

I applied INNER JOIN on Two DataTables But its returns Both Empty columns which I placed in Condition. Data is Coming in other columns.
Please assist me.

Hi @raja.arslankhan

  • Make sure that the columns you are joining on have matching values.
  • Use the Debug activity to step through the Join Data Tables activity and check the join condition.
  • Check the data types of the columns you are joining on to make sure they are compatible.

Hope it helps!!


Does your datatable has empty values in the column you are joining…if so then those are the only matched values may be and that is the reason you are seeing blank in both joined rows


@Anil_G Thank you so much for response. I am working on it and tomorrow i will confirm.
I noted multiple factors like Datatype of columns. Empty values.
Its returning only column which I placed in Condition.

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Thanks Every One I solved this issue.
It was due to Conversion Of Columns to Number. I converted both columns to string with running any Macro on Excel file and its returned me values.

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