Jobs Stuck in Running-Status

How to delete a Job stuck in Running status?

Jobs will sometimes be stuck in a "Running" state and the user will neither be able to delete nor stop them in the Orchestrator UI. Running the following query will change the state to "Faulted" and then free the job up for deletion,

  1. First check if state=1 corresponds to "Running" status by executing following query,
Select * from [UiPath].[dbo].[Jobs] where Jobs.State=1
  1. Next, change the state from "Running' to "Faulted" with the following query,

update [dbo].[Jobs] set state = '4'
where RobotId in ('ID1','ID2') and state = '1'

Note: Open the Orchestrator browser console logs and find the job keys for the stuck jobs and replace 'ID1' and 'ID2' with them.