Jobs Pending In Orchestrator

I am facing this problem, jobs remain pending when I start it from orchestrator but it works fine if I start from robot tray.

@ADITYA_MUKHERJEE Check if you have provided the Domain/Username and password properly while Configuring Unattended Robot.

There was no option for password…but yes domain/username is provided properly…copied from cmd-whoami

@ADITYA_MUKHERJEE Can you Show the Robot Configuration Panel?


Go to the Jobs Pane :

  1. Filter for the State and verify - If there is Some Job in terminating state.
  2. Try Reconnecting the uiRobot to Orchestrator post Step 1 is Done.


I am having the same issue as @ADITYA_MUKHERJEE. My domain and user name are correct, but the job still shows as pending.