Jobs getting triggered without any schedule

Hi guys,
There seems to be some issue with the orchestrator or the robot. I had a package for which I had a trigger schedule to trigger it every 15 minutes on my local machine. However, I have deleted it now but the bot still triggers every minute on my local machine.
It doesn’t do that when I disconnect the orchestrator from the UIpath Robot but triggers as soon as I connect again.
This causes delay to other processes since it adds them into the process queue.

I tried to delete the package from the orchestrator but it gives me the following error:

"Modifying this process is not possible at the moment, because there are active jobs associated with it. (#1666)"

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

if you want to delete your package…,
based on:
"Modifying this process is not possible at the moment, because there are active jobs associated with it. (#1666)"

means you need to delete the jobs first -> then the package.

That is the thing, there is no job or schedule any more and still it is getting triggered and I cannot even delete it.

hmm strange,

then try delete your machine name as well and make new one?
but disconnect your orchestrator first

This is the schedule I have:

And these are the processes:

I want to delete the P1P2 process but it is getting triggered from no where. I already deleted and added the machine, re-installed UIPATH but the issue remains


in your schedule, try click more action (3 dots icon) -> then click view jobs -> see if PIP2 still in there?

There is “More actions” available only for the slack job and it shows this:

hmm it seems not connected with PIP2 process.

btw, did you use cloud orchestrator (means use the online link)
or you installed the orchestrator in your local PC?

anyway did you already try delete the PIP2 process before?

I am using the community orchestrator ( and I deleted the schedule, hoping that it would delete any trigger.
But doesn’t stop. Another thing is even if it gets triggered, there is no log of it in the “Jobs” log.

i see so the online orchestrator.

alright, here’s the only way i can think of left:
your PIP2 process is in same environment as slack_automation_notification process (Local_Environment) so when you run in the same environment like the pic below, it will trigger the PIP2 process as well.


The slack job doesn’t trigger much. For testing it was getting triggered every 2 hours and now it will trigger twice a week. However the P1P2 gets triggered without anything. :frowning: