Jobs do not show up after Scheduling

Am using Version 2019.2 Stable Version
After scheduling a Process to run every minute, when I go into the Jobs Page, I find that it has not run.
I had first included Stop After and other settings - and when it did not run, decided to keep it as simple as possible and go step by step - to identify where I was going wrong - but it still does not run.

No Idea what step I did wrong. Can someone kindly guide me ?

Hello @maheshmurthi,

did you write any log?
if not please write a log, start a bot and see the bot where he is reaching to.


I did check the logs - but it stores readable information only when you run it manually - when you run through a schedule, then the log is stored under a directory in a .db file - which is no readable.

could you please attach your xaml file?


Can you refer the below post

While provisioning your robot in Orchestrator, are you using only username or Domain\Username,if only username change to Domain\Username and give a try.

I use DOMAIN\username - however, my username has a space - DOMAIN\mahesh murthi

Now, I remember that Anaconda (Python ) had an issue due to this - could this be the issue ?

I generally found Orchestrator Buggy - small issues - that came and went - but one big issue was that even after uploading a new version off the package - where the Message Box Text had changed from “Hello Orchestrator” to “Hello World” - it kept executing “Hello Orchestrator”

And then suddenly it went away - and then came back - and then I lost my zeal I guess

Main.xaml (4.6 KB)