JObs count

I have an excel of different jobs name or same job name in one columns,
I want names of job as unique and in bracket count of that job name
Test_data.xlsx (8.5 KB)
I have attached excel in this sample data and output is there


  1. First read the data from excel into datatable using read range
  2. To remove repeated job names use remove duplicates activity
  3. Then use for each row in datatable activity on datatablr dt
  4. Inside loop use get jobs qctivity and in filter pass the releasename which is the process name…
  5. The output of step 4 outut.Count will give the count…if needed in deparate table then use add data row with {currentRow("JobName").ToString,Output.Count.ToString} in array row property

Hope this helps


Hello @Kuldeep_Pandey
Refer to this Xaml file, you may get some idea (53.6 KB)



try this once

outputdt=outputdt.AsEnumerable.GroupBy(Function(r) r(0).ToString).Select(Function(grp) dt.Clone.LoadDataRow({grp.First.item(0),grp.Count},False)).copytodatatable (3.0 KB)


Thankyou all For your quick response its working

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