Jobs are running twice in orchestrator?

I have scheduled some processes in orchestrator but they are running twice even the scheduled trigger was set to execute only once.

Hello @Byra_Padha_Saradhi

Are you using any crone expression? Could you please share the schedule page screenshot.

Check with Triggers tab

  1. First is to check whether you have two different schedules set for the same process at same timing

  2. Second check is see which robot is chosen

Cheers @Byra_Padha_Saradhi

Dear sir,
i have created only one robot and i am using community edition. i have created only one trigger for each and every process.

Yes sir, we are using cron expressions also.

@Byra_Padha_Saradhi can you plz share the crone expression which you are using.
Also can you remove the current schedules and recreate a new one and check whetehr its trigger multiple times.