Job works when RDP is open, but fails when unattended - Type in username: Timeout reached

This is extracted from my log -

message: Type in username: Timeout reached.
level: Error
logType: Default
timeStamp: 2019-10-29T15:11:20.4536856+00:00
fingerprint: xxxxxxx
windowsIdentity: xxxxxx
machineName: xxxxxxx
processName: xxxxxx
processVersion: 1.0.7
jobId: xxxxxxx
robotName: XXXX
fileName: Main


It works while my RDP is open and I’m watching the process but when i close my RDP and let it run in a truly-unattended fashion it keeps running into a timeout when just typing in a username. any ideas?


Check SimulateType or SendWindowMessage in properties of Type Into activity and then try once.

Thanks! that worked together with ClickBeforeType and SimulateType

Now it keeps throwing another error…

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