Job stopped with an unexpected exit code 0xE0434352 Windows Suspend

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I get this Job stopped with an unexpected exit code 0xE0434352 error when read a huge text file, something like 2m rows. Its not happening on small text files. Then I realized it’s because windows suspend the application, a green leaf appears near to Robot Application after some point where Robot occupy around 2.8gb on ram (My computer 8gb). I tried on different computers but still get the same error. I could not find any solution somewhere and this is crucial about my project so I really need your help. I attach exapmle photos for better understanding.

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i hope this error must be coming when using excel file
–kindly use EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE activity when processing 2 m rows
and if we are using already then fine
–but followed by this scope activity use KILL PROCESS activity with processname property as “EXCEL”

Cheers @Dogu_Ciloglu_Alumni

Thanks for reply,

But no its coming after using read text file and generate data table activities.


Hey @Dogu_Ciloglu_Alumni

Can you share the workflow so that we can run it and see what is causing it?

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I cannot share the data cause its confidential but the workflow is just like the picture I shared with you on my last post, nothing else. Also I tried in csv format and it gives same error. I tried it on many different computers include server, all same.

The text file is something like 1gb so can I upload the data here?

i’m also getting same error when trying to read a text file which is of size around 700 MB

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I am also facing the same issue with a text file size of 522 MB. I don’t know whether is there any restriction in size of the text file when we read it via “Read Text File” activity.

Please help us!

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I am also facing this error with a file of only size 250 kb

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Hi All,

I had similar problem. This is a system issue and probably there exist no UiPath configurations to make this sort out. But I sorted this using following approach.

I had a csv file with containing rows more than 40000 and 15 columns. I broke my file into many sub files (getting first 1000 lines and storing it to a data table). Then the problem get solved.

The best way to overcome this issue is to take a look at our process and think about minimizing the overhead involved from the system perspective.



What type of files is this? Roughly how many records, lines are there?

I am having this error too… a large text file

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Same error occurs when reading data from a database (a table with no more than 50 rows)

Hi you can try and read the file using streamreader and read the file line by line.

Basically you’ll need to have code like below and read the file line by line to process:
String fileName = @“C:\temp\largeFile.txt”;
using (System.IO.StreamReader sr = new System.IO.StreamReader(fileName))
while (!sr.EndOfStream)
String line = sr.ReadLine();
//you can then write the line to your csv file

Hello ,
For large CSV files I have this movie:



Please mark this as the solution to this post it helps a lot.
Thanks a lot @Cristian_Negulescu

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