Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xC06D007E - Attended BOT

Hi Team,

When i try to run any process in an attended Robo, I am getting the error given below. I observed this issue is happening on one particular machine, if i run the same process in other machine using same Robo license(shared machine for same license) I am able to execute the process. Could anyone suggest some solution for this issue

Are you getting this error, after completing the process?

Process is not getting started, error is coming before start of process

is it printing any logs on orchestrator or on your local machine, if so please post it or validate it

The process is not started, so no logs in the orch. Process failed to start

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Is this your First process from orchestrator?

Once clear the cache and try it again or try with another browser let’s see how it goes


Thanks Thiru

This is not the first process in orchestrator, there are almost 60 processes in orchestrator running across 5 unattended BOT and 2 attended BOT, we started this almost 3 years before

you asked to clear cache - I just want to insist again on what exactly is the issue.
This is related to attended BOT, I execute from Robot(not from Orch). I start process(any process) it fails immediately - in orch no log message since execution failed before reaching the first step in code

Now if this is the case then this issue is related to browser cache? try another browser - I don’t find anything related to this issue

Thanks for your suggestions


It’s a well-known fact that some antivirus programs are capable of overreacting, causing a series of system errors. The Unknown Software Exception (0xc06d007e) issue could be a case of antivirus overreach. Your system protection program might be blocking some files related to the program you’re trying to access because the antivirus thinks it’s a threat. While you cannot be too careful when protecting your computer, it’ll be great if your antivirus knows not to overstep.

Some users were able to get rid of the error message by completely removing their antivirus programs. So, we suggest that you start by disabling the program to confirm whether it’s the reason for the problem. If you don’t see the problem anymore after disabling your antivirus program, go ahead and update it.

Take a look here Unknown Software Exception (0xc06d007e)

Also, check if in your workflow you are using an Excel activity that has a fixed Range and all the Excel activity is going in a long loop. If yes, you may need to reconsider the Read range and the amount of data to be manipulated.

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Thanks for your reply. I think antivirus issue should be the concern , I don’t think excel is the concern since failing before start of code execution, Let me check regarding this and update here