Job stopped due to unexpected process termination


I am using community version of UiPath.

While executing a bot, I am getting the below exception message.

Please help me resolve this issue.

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Hi @Selva
Share the detailed information about the process or else share the workflow for better understanding.


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Please, can you let me know the possible reasons for getting this exception? I cannot share the workflow.

Selva ,i can’t identify the reason for the termination since Exception Type is generic.Someone from this forum will help you. Can you share the process involving in your workflow ,like bot getting terminated after executing specific activity?

Hi @Selva,
With this screenshot, only this thing can be assumed that “Somebody has interrupted the process forcefully”.
Or the process was terminated forcefully.
Please give us more details so that we can analyse.

I am reading a table from excel and trying to delete rows based on a criteria. After deleting a row in the Data table, I am getting the row count. I get this exception when I am getting the row count.

Please find the workflow below.

The get the exception at the yellow highlighted part. The table has some 800 plus rows.

Please provide a solution to this issue.

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I am still getting the same exception.

Please help me solve this issue.


I am getting the this exemption again and again.

I am also attaching the xaml file here.Main.xaml (15.3 KB)

Please help me resolve this issue.

hi! Did you fix this issue? I just had the same problem today, I don’t know why


This issue still exists in my case. No one has provided a solution. I am clueless either!

I have the same problem, any solution? This is the workflow

Helllo everybody,
Looks like I found my solution. Problem occurs due to lack of imported namespaces.
It looks like using an activity not automatically adds the required imports into the workflow.
I resolved the issue by adding System.IO reference to my project from within Imports section.
You could also give a try to check the required namespaces then import them. It may depend on any activity on yout project. Go ahead step by step unfortunately WWF is not designed well for detailed debugging.
Cheers… :slight_smile:

And also be sure of WriteLine content :slight_smile: it looks like long content crashes workflow…

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I was having the same problem when trying to process a rather large excel file (workflow was just Open excel scope, read range, output data table and write line with all the data). I have 21 columns and almost 5000 rows in my document.

After experimenting a bit with the amount of rows I extracted, I found that the Write line action was causing the error message from about 500 rows of data and up.

I’m not sure exactly what action in Selva’s workflow would be causing this, but I would assume it is caused by the number of rows, as 2aozturk have already pointed out above me :slight_smile:


Same here, writing entire tables in Write line was the problem

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Yes…!! All of you are correct. It is mostly due to write line activity.

If your content mostly with huge text string then there is kind of limit approx i guess of five k characters… Dont sure abt limit but it is due to this.


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Yeah, I’ve seen this with Message Box too.
I used .Take() to only output so many rows.

For example,
with txtVariable containing the text.

Maybe that will help someone display a massive amount of text.

Regards. @martin.grimaldo

It was for me? @clayton?w

Sorry, was just adding that it happens with Message Box also.
And provided a workaround for anyone who wants to show their large table.

Was not really directed at anyone specifically. :slight_smile:

Haha mate… No worries.just got mail alert ,So was just asking…because may be i missed something so just confirming… You can point if I m wrong at any point. I will never mind always. I am a learner :wink:
But there are more ways to get all output safely without failing :wink: