Job stopped due to unexpected process termination - Troubleshoot Steps

This error generally occurs when there a drop of the WCF communication channel between executor and service due to exceeded wcf message size.
If the workflow is exchanging messages larger than the noted value (e.g. logs, arguments, assets, excel ) then a workaround is to increase the maxReceivedMessageSize in the UiPath.Service.Host.exe.config file:
Refer to the below link to know more about this:

  • Update the highlighted value to i.e. maxRecievedMessageSize attribute to 2147483647
  • Restart Robot Service.

Now run the process and see if you are getting the error.

If still facing the issue :

  • Are you handling a huge amount of information, excel operation?
    If yes, handle data in chunks instead of a large volume of data.
  • Are you passing DataTable as arguments in the workflow?
    Avoid passing datatable as arguments.
  • Does the process involve excel manipulation? In known case when the file gets corrupted the job terminates.
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