"Job ... Stopped Due To Unexpected Process Termination" Error

Resolution for Job "JobName" stopped due to unexpected process termination.

Root Cause: This happens when there are lot of LOGS generated; [*This is one of the reason for unexpected process termination].


  1. Verify the Execution Logs from the Bot machine where the error is received
  2. In the execution logs, check for logging level. If the logging level is set to VERBOSE then it is expected to have the above error
  3. Change the Logging level from Verbose to Info in the Robot tray/ Assistant.

  1. If Orchestrator is in use, then Logging level can also be set from Orchestrator. However, the setting from Assistant is ignored, if level is configured in Orchestrator.
  2. It also possible to edit log generation from NLog.config file .

Note: Applicable to all versions.