Job started by manual always pending,never run successfully

I published a simple workflow(output a messeage box) to Orchestrator Cloud,and created a process with the package.
I can see , install and run this process in my Uipath Assistant with no issue.However, if I start a job about this process on cloud ,it will be pending,nerver run successfully.
Can some master help me to slove this problem? Thanks very much!

Hi @hyj1 , for the same process how many types of license you assigned? RPA Developer and Unattanded both are assigned ?

When you start the job on cloud do you get any error?

Thanks for your replay!
I assigned Robot role to the account,and no error encountered when I start the job on cloud.

This is the screen image:

Please share the screen shot Uipath assistant. It it connected to orchestrator?

Yes,it is connected.image