Job Start in Orchestrator


I have created a test package with only a msg box saying hello. I have published the package in orchestrator. I have configured the machine,robot , process and jobs. While running the job, its showing as successful but the execution getting ended in 0 second.
Attached image for the job details. Please help.

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Did we check with logs like is Message box got executed
And more over message box usually comes in fire ground of screen so we need the system to on and seen

Apart from this have we mentioned the right machine and robot in orchestrator

Kindly check that once
And wish you a amazing new year
Cheers @Saikat_Chowdhury

Hello, Wish you a great year ahead too!

I am doing in my local system itself.
also, the robots and machines are properly configured.

I can share details if required

Did we check with View logs in JOB tab
(Not from Robot tab)
Cheers @Saikat_Chowdhury

I have added the activity in the new_seq.xaml file and not in main.xaml.

Can that be the issue?

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Is that new sequence called in Main workflow with Invoke workflow file activity
Because usually Main workflow will be called when ran from orchestrator

Cheers @Saikat_Chowdhury


I wrote the same thing in main.xaml file and it worked! Yeay! :slight_smile:


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