Job Scheduling & Background Execution


I want to download a report from my ERP, i successfully created the workflow for downloading the report. but i wanted to schedule a time and run the process in the background. But the process is getting executed only when my desktop screen is visible.

Please help
Thank you.

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You might not have the license to run unattended bots.

Hi Buddy,

I used unattended bot only


Hey @Jagadesh2494 Unattended license is one part of the concerns… The other part is, for the process to run in the background, it should be designed with either simulate options or send window message options enabled so that it can look and work with ui elements in the background without really having them on screen.

Are you getting any error? Can you tell me what happens when it run while the screen is locked

It throws an exception saying that UI element not found, but when the desktop is visible it opens the application and automatically executes without any error.

Is your ERP a desktop application or a web app?

web application

I this this thread will be helpful for you… have a look

Thank you il try this and get back to you :slight_smile:

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It didn’t work :frowning: