Job Schedules - next run time



How to get the next run time of each BOTs using sql query from the UiPath database.
I can get the CRON expression from the [ProcessSchedules] table.

Any help appreciated.


You can use the Orchestrator API to get the scheduled jobs and there you have the StartProcessNextOccurrence property which is exactly what you are looking for.
Also, you can check this thread - Get Current Robot Schedules in the Orchestrator


Hi Silviu,

Thank you for your response.
We don’t have the Orchestrator API installed.
Is it possible to get this info via sql query?
or how to add the quartz library to Uipath?


Orchestrator API is installed by default, the interface you are using to work with Orchestrator is build on top of the same API. Check the API guide here -

Regarding the database structure, I have no idea how it is structured or how to build the SQL queries.

Here is a guide on how to include external libraries in UiPath Studio -


Thank you very much.

I will check these options.

Warm Regards,

Pravinraj Vincent


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