Job Scheduled in two the end one machine should send confirmation email


Process : automation process running in 3 machines…once processed all the Queue item. The bot which is ending at the last should retrieve the data from Queue and send the excel as email to the customer.

Issue : Normal case it is working…if 3 bots end n same time…getting 3 emails.

solution : i need only one email at the end.

please help any new approach to handle this issue…

Hi @saransr

On the end of your bot execution, use a Get Queue Items activity flagging the QueueItemStates with New and InProgress.

If the output return an empty enumeration, then you reached the last item in the queue, so you can send email now.

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@saransr - to avoid the duplicate/multiple mails try below…

Create Asset → IsMailSent
Project Init → Set Asset value as → No
At End of the process → Check IsMailSent Value…
If it is No → Set Asset value as Yes → do the send mail activitiy and exit the process.
If it is Yes → ignore sent mail activity and exit the process.

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currently using the same logic only…but very rare both the bot ends n same time

but it will check in all 3 machine. if that is the last item in queue. it will send ending up with 3 emails.