Job running more often than specified in trigger

I have setup a trigger to launch a process. The trigger uses “0 0 6 1 1/1 ? *” as a Advanced schedule as the Monthly option doesn’t allow me to select the 1st Monday of each month or 1st day of each month for example.

The trigger queue shows the correct trigger time and next run time but since setting this job up, at around 8:20am - 8:30am, the job is triggered and I receive the emailed documents from this job.

Any ideas why this would be happening? The job isn’t being run manually and I am perplexed at how it is running.

@daryldawes - pls navigate to jobs page in orchestrator and search the process name…
if you found a record in jobs page -> check the source column …
Manual -> job created manually
Trigger Name -> job created by trigger
Agent -> executed job through UiPath Assistent

That gives me some more information to go on - I was looking at the logs originally but couldn’t see the source.

I can see that it was triggered by the Agent.

What I have also found is it is happening when I RDP to the server (which I have Studio & the Agent installed) and open Studio, the process is triggered. The play button on the agent is not being clicked, so there is no reason for the process to be triggered. Could it be happened when the agent is loaded up in the session? Is there a way to stop the agent from being able to run when not triggered through Orchestrator or manually in studio (during debug)?

I think I may have found the culprit. In Orchestrator under the Process -> Process Settings, there is an option to Automatically Start Process. This was enabled. I have now disabled and will do some further testing to see if the process runs without being triggered.

Toggle switch in question after changing to disabled:


that’s great!
Cheers! @daryldawes

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