Job 'Pending' and not running

Hi Community,

I have a problem with my Jobs not running. When I either Schedule them or Run manually from orchestrator they are stuck on ‘Pending’ state. They run however when frun from Robot desktop app.

The type of errors I get from the Orchestrator are:
#schedule easy for #process EasyJet_dev could not start. (#1670).
#robot mybot disconnected. (#1222).

Any idea of what can be wrong? I think I have all set up correctly in terms od Environment, Robot, Process etc.


Hi @VitGryfny

This might be due to a process that is already running in the machine.

Try freeing up licenses or if it is community edition you can run only one at a time.

Try provisioning the robot again in a separate environment refresh and run from orchestrator.

@Raghavendraprasad thank you for your anwser. Would you be able to guide me on how to free up the license?


Well, to make it fresh just remove your existing service from the cloud and create a new tenant, in which create a machine again and provision a robot to it in any demo environment and while provisioning assign it a license that says unattended robot not development (this is because you have mentioned that you want to trigger bot from schedules in orchestrator)

Get back if you have more issues :slight_smile:

I recreated service. I provisioned 1 dev and 1 unattended license. I created robot as unattended one.

I run bot but still nothing is triggered on my desktop.

Hi buddy @VitGryfny

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Hope this would surely help you resolve this
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