Job not started - submit heartbeat timeout

I have some jobs that did not start from orchestrator, the trigger is configured correctly: every Monday at 3 pm.

There is neither the job in failed state, nor any indication within orchestrator audits, it simply “skipped” execution.

Going to check inside the virtual machine, in the event viewer, I find the following notification:

submitHeartbeat: System.TimeoutException: The operation has timed out.
at Uipath.Service.Utils.OrchestratorHttpHandler.

So it would appear that the virtual machine was not communicating with orchestrator. For this type of problem, could it depend on orchestrator or the virtual machines?

Has this ever happened to anyone?

Thanks in advance

We need to start the Uipath.Service process, by default this process will be started by virtual machine when it is restarted. If Uipath.Service process is not started, use task manager to manually start the process and change the default setting, so in future you don’t need to do manual start.

On the machine turns out to be active and is launched automatically when the machine starts, and there are also no restarts before or after this event.
Other jobs started 2 hours later have had no problems, what could this be due to?

Try to run the Job again, maybe during that time the orchestrator connection may went down. If the job is not running again, let me know

the job I manually re-launched it an hour later without any problems. I would like to get to the cause of the failure to poll between the machine and orchestrator during the scheduling time. What other checks can I do?

Root cause is Uipath.service is not in an running state. Sometimes it may happen because of Machine upgrade. If you are facing the issue again try to change the default setting of the Uipath.service process as start when machine is restarted/start. If you are not sure how to change the default setting, contact your IT team, They would help you out.

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when rebooting the machines is set to automatically start uipath.service, which is why it never happened to have to start the service manually, could it depend on orchestrator?

Hi @Kumar802 is your uipath assistant is connected with orchestrator?

yes assistant always results connected to orchestrator, only sometimes, it doesn’t result connected and the event I see on windows is what I wrote inside the first message.

So the polling between assistance and orchestrator is not always working correctly.

since assistant is configured to start at machine startup and I didn’t have to restart it manually, only to relaunch the bot after a while, I wanted to see if it depended on the machine or on orchestrator itself.

@Kumar802 if it is happening sometimes then you can configure your robot service on your vm. Follow these steps to configure:

  1. Open your VM and search services
  2. select standard
  3. right click on uipath robot and select properties
  4. then do this

let me know if it’s working or not