Job Logs Disappear - Orchestrator 2019.10.18

I just thought i would post a solution to an issue we discovered on my project.

We recentrly upgradet our Orchestrator to 2019.10.18 and when doing that, we noticed that job logs disappeared after 24 hours.

What we did was to click “Jobs” and then sort “Interval: Last week”. However, when we found the job we were after, we could not see any logs for it when opening the dots and clicking “View logs”.

After some Googling and research that turned up nothing, a colleague figured out the following:

  • After you open a certain jobs log, you have to sort the interval again while inside the empty log page to “Time: Last week” (or however long you need).

I feel this is an error as it should already have been sorted when we sorted the jobs interval.

Anyways, hope this helps others and that they do not have to spend as much time as i did figuring this out.

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