Job is still pending even after execution ended

Hi Mates,

We are having an issue after the execution is completed in VM but the job is still keep on running in orchestrator need suggestions on this issue. We have tried these below method,

  1. Disconnected and reconnected and robot
  2. Restarted the UiPath robot services

These are all temporary solutions we are having but we need a permanent fix. It is continuously coming

Thanks in advance

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan Hi Rahul, Can you suggest any fix for this. Have seen your response for this kind of issue earlier.

Thanks in advance

I think
Solution was to delete all robots and re-provision with new machine keys
please contact UiPath support
Maybe machine keys had been corrupted during the upgrade since it was moving up by quite a few versions.

Hi @Usha_Jyothi , Thanks for your quick response. When we checked with the team, so if machine keys are corrupted we cant even run the process and in that VM we have multiple users are present. For others we are not facing any issue, for this process we are facing issues.

Thanks in advance

It may be technical issue
the executor may not respond or struck at that time when the job starts running

Hi @Usha_Jyothi , FYI We have changed the process recently to different VM, After changing the VM also. We are facing this issue.

Can it be due to the code which is built? or it is due to orchestrator connection issue. If its connection issue, when we restart the UiPath job services. It is coming back to action but this job we have created is having 4 triggers and we are getting this frequently.

As you said, if the issue is due to executor the bot should work after changing the VM right. Can you please suggest on this

Thanks in advance,

Ok…Can you do one thing

  • Delete the job which you are executing now.
  • Sign out from UiPath assistant and Reconnect to orchestrator again.
  • Then create the job again and try to execute it.

Hi @Usha_Jyothi I have tried this, it is working when I am doing like this but when we are letting the triggers we are getting it frequently. Can We have any permanent solution for this?